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VCV networks

VCV networks operate in a range of Metro and Regional areas.

These are not run by VCV, however, the VCV members join together to meet and discuss the VCAA VCD study, teaching, assessment and other areas related to Visual Communication.

If you are interested in joining a VCD network or hosting one at your school, contact the VCV office for further information.

Visual Communication Victoria is committed to providing the most up-to-date professional Learning for its members. As such, joining Visual Communication Victoria provides you with numerous opportunities including learning workshops, an annual conference, and teaching and learning resources with the most benefical of these, the localised Professional Learning Networks.

Professional Learning Networks

As many of our long term members will know, our network groups have been a formal and informal part of Visual Communication Victoria at various stages over the decades. Now, with recent research showing that such groups can be really a powerful tool to help new and experienced teachers to learn, embed and consolidate new practices into their teaching.  This can further be seen by observing schools at a mirco level where, through the construction of teacher groups the school is able to action research projects in recognition of their immediate needs and long term goals.

'It is about moving from a community of professional learners to a professional learning community.'

As a member of Visual Communication Victoria, you will have the support to start or the opportunity join a Professional Learning Network (PLN) in your local area. In principle, the  PLN meets once a Term, or as needed, to discuss issues such as the Essential Questions inherent in the study of Visual Communication at various levels of learning, the use of structures such as 'Understanding by Design' to plan curriculum, formative assessmend strategies, or using using wikis and blogs in the Visual Communication classroom.

Professional Learning is a core area of involvement for Visual Communication Victoria. It is an area that is central to our purpose and function. The Council and its Education Officer work throughout the year to locate and present inspirational pedagogy, develop and deliver workshops in areas of need for practicing and emerging teachers of the subject and with professional designers and education specialists to ensure that all teachers have access to Professional Learning opportunities.  This section of the site is separated into 3 main areas. Our Network Community is an area where teachers can share ideas, work samples and local knowledge, Workshops run in both centralised and localised environments depending on the content and the expertise available whilst our Annual Conference is held at Swinburne University. This conference brings together a range of specialist teachers and design practitioners, leaders in the field of design education and a range of traders who showcase the latest in teaching materials.

To find out about joining, or setting up, a network please contact VCV.

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