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VCAA has worked with DET to publish a resource for VCD for Units 3 and 4 for some of the outcomes. The key knowledge and skills address the new study design. The publication is free, and they hope to develop more resources like this. It was written by Christina Markin (St Bernards), Claire Gallagher (Wangaratta HS, Melbourne Girls Grammar) and Erin Caudello (Covenant College).
The link to the resource is

Visual Communication Victoria are pleased to provide Type workshop. This document includes lesson plans for the year 9 - 12 design class. There is an Anatomy of Type poster to print for the design classroom wall, or as a handout for students.

1. Anatomy of type

2. Create an information Type poster

3. Typographic poster to print

Download the lessons here


The new VCD study Units 1-4 was implemented in 2013

Attached is a link t the new study design and resources from the VCAA website:

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