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The Cardboard Architect: Sustainable Environmental, Industrial and Communication Design

VCV Middle School Design Resource to target Years 9/10 VCD students.

This resource includes a filmed interview with Tobias Horrocks, the Cardboard Architect ( and a series of tasks for students to complete. The tasks can be printed A3 and used individually or as part of a unit of work.

Resource contents:

The Design fields

What is Environmental, Industrial and Communication design?

Drawings by the Cardboard Architect

What is the Design Process and the Brief?

Brief: Design sustainable seating for a specific site

  • Brief
  • Research and inspiration
  • Creative thinking
  • Visualisation drawing
  • Generating ideas
  • Environmental design - Site analysis, floorplan and planometric drawing
  • Industrial design - Isometric drawing,  packaging net and orthogonal drawing
  • Communication design - Illustrated instruction flyer

Links to the Victorian Curriculum

Resources and Acknowledgements

This resource is to be used in conjunction with the filmed interview of Tobias Horrocks, and the VCAA Technical Drawing Specifications.

This resource has been developed with the assistance of the Department of Education and Training through the Strategic Partnerships Program.


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VCV acknowledges the support of the Department of Education through the Strategic Partnerships Program

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