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The new VCV resource will be developed to align with the 2024-2028 VCD Study and available after the VCAA PD and release of the supplementary material. The VCV resource will be available early Term 1, 2024. The resource below is suitable for up to 2023 only.

Unit 1/3 recording and supporting documents  -  2021

The Unit 1/3 seminar for 2021 consists of a live recording of a range of presenters who speak to the Key Knowledge, Key Skills and Assessment of Unit 1 and 3 Areas of Study, and a range of supporting documents.

The resource replaces the annual face to face seminar that VCV usually runs at this time. Access to recordings will expire in 2023 when VCV prepare an updated recording to align with the updated VCD Study.

The 6 presenters speak for 20-30 minutes on each Outcome in Unit 1 and Unit 3.

  • The resource can be shared with other VCD teachers at the school. (Please list the additional VCV member teacher email addresses when you place the order)
  • Each presenter has supplied supporting documents in .pdf format. These can be downloaded and kept for future use.

Unit 1 : Introduction to visual communication design



Area of Study 1

Drawing as a means of communication

Ric Roberts

Area of Study 2

Design elements and principles

Melissa Avery

Area of Study 3

Visual communication in context

David Morrison

Unit 3: Visual communication design practices

Area of Study 1

Analysis and practice in context

Jacinta Patterson

Area of Study 2

Design industry practice

Janet Irving

Area of Study 3

Developing a brief and generating ideas

Iolanthe Iezzi 


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