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2024 VCV Exam Revision presentation

The VCD exam revision presentation will available mid term 3 until the VCAA VCD exam.

This resource replaces the one-off face-to-face seminar, and offers teachers and students the option to view the presentation multiple times, - pause, rewind and discuss the contents. 

Experienced VCD teacher, Jacinta Patterson, will present her tips, tricks and techniques for preparing for, and completing the VCD exam by carefully unpacking each section. This resource is an extended presentation that includes a wide range of preparation techniques and information to assist students to prepare for the VCD exam. 

The example below is from the 2023 Exam Revision resource.

  • The presentation runs for approximatey 2 hours.
  • Closed Caption Subtitles are available for the video.
  • Includes short time lapse demonstrations of how to do the 3D drawings and renderings.
  • Covers the key knowledge and skills that are used to write the exam.
  • Discusses what a student needs to know and what could be on the exam.
  • Unpacks the cross study specifications.
  • Uses the examiners reports in relation to the exam questions and discusses these in great detail.
  • Recommends certain past exam questions to practice for certain skills.
  • Revision exercises such as ‘I do, You do, We do’.
  • Discusses how to look at, and read a question carefully.

Four students from a mix of Schools, who received A or A+ on the 2022 VCAA VCD exam, will begin the presentation by speaking about their most valued study tip.

Student Presenters - VCV Exam Revision 2023

Questions that they will address include:

  • How did you study for the practical drawing section?
  • What are some tips for answering practical drawing questions as instructed?
  • How did you use the reading time and apply that to answering questions?
  • How did you manage your time in the exam?
  • How did you study for the theory written section of the exam?
  • What are some tips for answering written questions as instructed?