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Events & Workshops

On an annual basis Visual Communication Victoria strives to offer a broad range of Professional Learning opportunities and Resources for both Teachers and Students. 

Resources and Events

As well as access to Professional Learning Networks, VCV members are provided with a range of resources to assist with teaching VCD in the classroom. Some resources are developed with the support of DET through the Strategic Partnerships Program, and provided at no cost to Government schools.

The Unit 1-4 seminars/recordings are produced each year and reflect the current VCD Study Design. These target new teachers, those returning to teaching and all VCD teachers when a new study is implemented.

An Industry Speaker resource is developed each year, engaging a range of Industry Professionals who share their knowedge and skills and speak directly to the Unit 3, Outcome 1 Key knowledge and skills.

VCV runs an exam revision session and produces a VCD Trial exam to help students prepare for the end of year VCAA VCD exam.

The Annual Visual Communication Victoria Teacher's Conference, VisCon, is held annually.

The VCV Annual Conference

VisCon happens annually. The conference provides attendees with inspiring presentations from a range of experienced VCD teachers and Industry Professionals. VCV Members engage in discussion/information sessions aimed at increasing understanding and skills in the teaching of the new VCD Study for 2024 and onwards. Dates and details are published on the website and shared in the members newsletter as soon as they are available.