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Resources for Government Schools

The following Resources are developed with the assistance of the Department of Education through the Strategic Partnerships Program.
The Resources listed below are available to VCV Members at Government schools at no cost. 
Read more about the Resource - target year level, content and preview of the film in the Resources section of the VCV website.

Each of the following resources can be ordered by completing the form at the bottom of the page, when you click on the link.


  1. What is good design (in books)?
  2. A Type of Resource


  3. Chromatic Typography : A Practical Approach 
  4. IP and Copyright for Student Designers 
  5. Visualisation and Rendering resource
  6. The Cardboard Architect
  7. Mini-Me : Designing and Creating a Personal Avatar
  8. Industrial design : The Basics
  9. Design Process of an Architect
  10. Mascot Mayhem