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Where – NGV International, Clemenger BBDO Auditorium
When – Friday November 24th 2023, 8.30-3.15pm

With a focus on unpacking the new VCD Study, a range of presenters will take you through the language and concepts and equip you with some insights for 2024 and beyond. There will also be a focus on how to introduce the visual language and concepts of the new study to middle school students, and how they can apply this to effective design practice.

VCV is honoured and excited that Dr Russell Kennedy (Above left), and Jefa Greenaway have kindly accepted our invitation to deliver a dual Keynote Address at VisCon23.

Dr Russell Kennedy is senior lecturer in Screen and Design at Deakin University and co-author of the Australian and International Indigenous Design Charters.

Jefa Greenaway is a nationally recognised architect who champions Indigenous led design thinking, particularly through the International Indigenous Design Charter, which he co-authored.

The Australian Indigenous Design Charter was designed in Australia and was created to address the issues of appropriation and respectful representation of Indigenous (Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander) culture in design practice and education. This document offers best practice protocols for designers both Indigenous and non-Indigenous who are working with Indigenous knowledge to ensure respectful, Indigenous led, collaborative processes.

As a recommended resource for the new VCD study to be taught from 2024, Dr Russell Kennedy and Jefa Greenaway’s combined address, The Visual Voice, will discuss the Australian Indigenous Design Charter and how to develop respectful and accurate representations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in design. This address aims to enlighten the audience of VCV Members with insights and knowledge so that you, as teachers, can confidently share this with students as they learn how to adopt culturally appropriate design practices, including protocols for the creation and commercial use of Indigenous knowledge such as those published in the Australian Indigenous Design Charter.

Image credit - Jade Florence

VCV is also honoured and excited that Jenna Lee has accepted our invitation to speak about her design work at VisCon23.

Presentation : Jenna Lee – Indigenous design led thinking and design practice

In this session, Jenna Lee, a graphic designer of mixed First Nations, Asian and Anglo-Australian heritage, will take us on a journey through her print-focused design practice, which includes book cover design, publication layouts, and exhibition identity design with a specialised passion for collaborative work with First Nations authors, artists, and curators.Drawing from her own experiences and utilising her own portfolio, we will get behind the scenes into the design process, offering valuable insights into how she ensures accurate and respectful representation of First Nations culture in design as well as her vision and hopes for the future of First Nations Design.

Jenna's work aligns closely with Indigenous design-led thinking, a concept that promotes cultural authenticity, respect, and collaboration in design projects. Her dedication to this approach has not only enriched her own practice but she also aims to contribute to the broader field of design.

Bio: Jenna Lee is a mixed-race Larrakia, Wardaman and Karajarri contemporary artist and graphic designer with mixed Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Anglo-Australian ancestry. Formally trained as a graphic designer Lee works as an independent designer specialising in book cover, publication and exhibition identity design working with First Nations authors, artists and curators.

Outline of the day:

Registration and Coffee and Tea on arrival   All refreshment breaks are in the Great Hall 

Welcome   Geoff Baker   All presentations are in the Clemenger BBDO Auditorium

The Visual Voice   Dr. Russell Kennedy and Jefa Greenaway (blurb and bio above)

10.00-10.30  Morning tea 

ndigenous design led thinking and design practice Jenna Lee (blurb and bio above)

An overview of VCE Visual Communication Design 2024-2028  Dr. Kathryn Hendy-Ekers 

The curriculum manager for Visual Communication Design will provide an overview of the key changes to the Visual Communication Design study design for 2024 highlighting the areas that have significant change for Units 3 and 4. The session will be followed by a short Q & A.

Bio: Kathryn Hendy-Ekers is the curriculum manager for Visual Arts, Visual Communication Design and Media at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. She is responsible for developing curriculum and assessment materials for all students from Foundation to Senior Secondary. Kathryn has over thirty years’ experience in Visual Arts and Design education in primary and secondary schools both nationally and internationally. She is currently responsible for the revisions to the Victorian Curriculum in the Arts. Kathryn has a PhD in visual arts education researching the relationship between curriculum and learning in contemporary art museums.

Good Design is….   James Taylor

Good Design is… a good question, one that James will explore a range of approaches to.
Can a design be iconic yet not be a good design?
What criteria should we adopt to measure good design?
And, while we are at it, who gets to decide what good design is?

This presentation is not intended to answer these and other questions, but rather to serve as conversation starters for your students, with an application to their own design practice.

Bio: James Taylor is an experienced VCD teacher who is enthusiastic about the endless possibilities that design offers. He has taught VCD, Art and Photography from Years 7 to 12 in both state and independent schools.


Design Thinking and  the Design Process   Iolanthe Iezzi 

Design thinking strategies are central to the generation and evaluation of original design solutions for students in the classroom. This presentation aims to provide teachers with an understanding of design thinking and the design process in the new study design. Teachers will be provided with some guidance on how they might apply their existing knowledge, skills and resources to teach these areas. Examples of familiar design thinking strategies will be presented, along with ideas on how to best apply them within the stages of the double diamond process. Iolanthe will share classroom tips for enabling students to maximise the double diamond process by applying a range of thinking strategies.

Bio: Iolanthe is an experienced VCD teacher, Secretary of VCV and contributor to a range of VCV Resources.

Interactive Experience Design    Damien Lees 

How might you incorporate Interactive Experience Design into your classroom?

This session is designed to provide you valuable insights into the key differentiating characteristics of this new Study field - Interactive Experience Design. We will be looking at the many ways in which Interactive Experience design can be taught in the classroom at all Secondary year levels as well as outlining the various online resources available to assist in the delivery of lessons. This session will also include a case study of a real-world example of interactive experience design, connecting the design process undertaken with the relevant Key Knowledge and Skills outlined in the new Study.

Bio: Damien Lees is a Visual Communication Design teacher who is passionate about all components of Visual Communication Design and its value in contemporary society. Damien draws from a 15-year long career as a designer, which included producing interactive experience designs for companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and Jetstar.

VCD at the NGV    Monique Nolan  

How can the NGV support VCD teachers and their students?

With a focus on the NGV’s Collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design, discover how you can directly engage your students in a conversation about histories, traditions and contemporary design practice. Wurrdha Marra and the new permanent display at NGVA are perfectly timed to support VCD teachers in the implementation of the new VCE study design. Both exhibitions present opportunities for meaningful conversations about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design and culturally appropriate design practices.

Opening early December, the NGV Triennial 2023, also presents opportunities to further engage students in a conversation about contemporary design practice.

Bio: Monique Nolan is a NGV Educator who is passionate about contemporary art and design. During her time at the NGV she has designed and delivered programs and resources to support middle and senior years.

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