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Photos from VisCon 2018 at the NGV

VisCon 2018VCV members enjoyed an inspirational day at the NGV International for the annual conference, VisCon 2018.

Among the highlights were the talented speakers, who shared their knowledge and understanding of design in new and exciting ways. Thank you to the presenters; Ilya Fridman (Keynote), Ric Roberts, Eric Peng, James Taylor, Alice Oehr, Natasha Borg, David Morrison, Kathy Hendy-Ekers and Ingrid Wood.

Thank you also to VCV Council for assisting with the preparation and with the drawing activity. The delegates were led in to a variety of spaces within the NGV to engage in a practical drawing and design activity, and experience being a student once again. VCV would like to thank Michele Stockley and Ingrid Wood for working with VCV to create such a great day in a dynamic location.

Finally, the delegates were invited to view the Escher x Nendo exhibition - an inspiring ending to the day.