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A Type of Resource

2023 A Type of Resource

Target Year levels : Middle and Senior School

A Type of Resource is a exciting new resource prepared by an experienced VCD teacher and typography enthusiast, Geoff Baker. This resource is a comprehensive unit of work including topics that cover the history, language, anatomy and inspiration for teaching Typography at middle and senior school level.
Using the Double Diamond Design Process, this resources encourages divergent and convergent thinking to be applied across thirteen challenging, informative and exciting activities.

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What is good design (in books)?

Book cover design newsletter

Year level - Middle school VCD students

Targetting middle school design students and incorporating the language of the 2024-2028 VCD study design, this resource includes a recorded presentation with Mary Callahan and a series of tasks for students to complete.

Description of the resource - 

Inspired by Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles for Good Design, and the work of award winning and contemporary book designer Mary Callahan, this resource will examine good book cover designs and the use of type, image and page layout.

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Chromatic Typography : A Practical Approach



Middle School students will be taken on a type journey - exploring typography and creating a chromatic linocut print.

Visual Communication Design Resource.  Target Year levels: Middle School Year levels

  • Included in the Resource:
  • Wood Type is Good type (Video)
  • Creating Chromatic Typography using Linocut Techniques (Video) 
  • Chromatic Typography : A Practical approach (Exercises and Brief) 

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Introducing Technical Drawing: Manual and Digital

tech drawing newsletter 06

Introducing Technical Drawing - Manual and Digital is a resource that targets both teachers and students.

Target Audience: VCD Teachers
Part 1 - Manual Technical drawing

Part 1 viewing time is approxmately 60 mins

Manual Technical Drawing introduces teachers to the basics of using instruments to produce technical drawings. 
This part includes 5 filmed demonstrations to instruct the VCD teacher on how to construct Orthogonal, Isometric, Planometric, One Point and Two Point perspective drawings.
Ideally, you will learn the skills via the demonstrations and teach your students. However, it is also possible to share these films with students if you are working remotely or a student is absent and working from home.

Target Audience: VCD Students and Teachers
Part 2 - Digital Technical drawing

Part 2 viewing time is approxmately 60 mins

Digital Technical Drawing is a series of 5 recordings that demonstrate how to re-draw your manual technical drawings using Adobe Illustrator. Ideally, the students will draw manually and then scan and trace/re-draw their drawings using Illustrator. A good level of skills with Illustrator is required for this part. 
The recordings demonstrate how to use a range of Illustrator tools to construct Orthogonal, Isometric, Planometric, One Point and Two Point perspective drawings.

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2021 Visualisation and rendering resource


Industrial designer and university lecturer, Oliver Neuland, has collaborated wth VCV to produce a series of Design Visualisation videos to demonstrate to VCD teachers and students how to use freehand sketching and rendering as a visualisation tool in the design process. The film series has a focus on ideation sketching, communication of a
three-dimensional form and rendering of material finishes and textures.

Oliver Neuland is an Industrial designer and he uses terminology that relates to his practice. Read more about the work and processes of Oliver Neuland here.

Targetting middle to senior school students, this resource can be used at any stage of the VCD curriculum where students are required to design, create visualisation drawings or render final presentations.

Workshop resources. Freehand Drawing

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Advancing with Illustrator Workshop Resource

illustrator logoThis VCV workshop is supplied as a downloadable film and work tasks, to watch and share with your students.

Advancing with Illustrator is a filmed resource that is suitable for teachers who are looking to expand their Adobe Illustrator skills and for students who have basic skills with Illustrator.
(This resource was supplied as a gift to the 2020 VCV members, and is now available for all others to purchase.)

This resource builds on the skills covered in the Beginning with Illustrator resource, but can also be used by those with basic Illustrator skills.

Workshop Resource - Digital drawing

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Beginning with Illustrator Workshop Resource

illustrator logo

This VCV workshop is supplied as a downloadable film and work tasks, to watch and share with your students.

VCD teacher and Illustrator, Iolanthe Iezzi, shares her skills with Adobe Illustrator  in a suite of engaging short films.

Beginning with Illustrator  includes instructional films and accompanying notes that aim to instruct and inspire VCD students Year 7-10, and teachers who are at a beginner level or need to learn some specific tools that are included in the workshops.

Workshop Resource - Digital drawing

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The Design Process of an Architect

architect cd cover art CD Disc LabelThe Design Process of an Architect is developed for year 9 or 10 level Visual Communication Design classes.

The Resource has 3 components, supplied as downloadable files:

  1. Filmed interview with an Architect - Darren Naftal
  2. Questions to be answered while viewing the film
  3. A series of architectural drawing tasks that respond to a brief

View sample pages here

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2018 VCV Industrial Design - The Basics

cover tasks article

Who are the industrial designers of the future?

The students of now are the designers of the future.

A middle school industrial design resource

This is a one semester course that includes a range of drawing tasks that targets middle school students and challenges them to respond to a given brief.

  • Filmed interview with Lisa Oaten from Studio Periscope
  • Discussion questions to be answered while watching the film
  • Answers to discussion questions
  • Series of drawing and design tasks to be completed by students including writing a brief, design thinking, orthogonal drawing, paraline and perspective drawing, orthogonal drawing, rendering and evaluation tasks.

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Mini Me - Designing and creating a personal avatar



Mini-Me is a unit of work developed to use with year 7 and 8 Visual Communication Design classes.

There is a filmed interview with Andrea Innocent, a contemporary illustrator, and a series of lessons that cover all stages of the design process.

The students can complete some short answers to questions while watching the interview, and then proceed to develop a design response to a given brief.

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