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The Cardboard Architect


Sustainable Environmental, Industrial and Communication Design

VCV Middle School Design Resource to target Years 9/10 VCD students.

This resource includes a filmed interview with Tobias Horrocks, the Cardboard Architect ( and a series of tasks for students to complete. The tasks can be printed A3 and used individually or as part of a unit of work.

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Mascot Mayhem 9/10 resource

VCV DoE collaboration

A VCV collaboration with DET

VCV has collaborated with the Department of Education and Training to produce a VCD resource that targets Year 9/10 students. This comes as a downloadable file.

The resource provides teachers with a short film interview with Peader Thomas, a Melbourne based Illustrator who was one of the Industry Speakers at the VCV Industry Speaker event in 2015.

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Technical Drawing Resource

CD cover-techdrawingCD CD Disc Label

VCV have been busy producing a technical drawing resource that covers paraline and perspective drawing, orthogonal drawing and dimensioning and package net drawing.

The resource includes a series of A3 landscape layout pages with exercises, information and technical drawing design briefs.

The resource targets Year 7 - 10 Design students and aims to introduce students to technical drawing using original imagery, creative design briefs and a series of beginner to intermediate exercise.

There is a glossary of terms and a series of tests at the end of the resource. This comes as a downloadable file.

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A Term of Typography - Understanding and Applying Typography

CD cover-Typogrpahy 2014VCV have prepared a resource to assist with teaching Year 9-11 VCD students in the area of Typography. The downloadable files includes 17 pages - inspirational websites, blogs and magazine links, anatomy of type information and tests, lessons on how to be creative with type, how to create a unique alphabet and how to distort and manipulate type using Adobe Illustrator.

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