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IP and Copyright for Student Designers

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'When Visual Communication Victoria asked me to do a presentation about IP and Copyright for student designers I wondered what I would say other than, DO NOT COPY!'
It's as easy as that, right?

This new VCV resource is a filmed presentation with Sharon Givoni, author of Owning It: A Creative’s Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law. Givoni's presentation aims to demystify what IP and Copyright means, and the implications for students as designers at School, University and in the work place. Using engaging and relevant examples, Givoni explains who owns copyright and how much copying is allowed. She explains IP and Copyright, licencing, creative commons, ethics and trademarks - the areas that are clearly defined and where there are shades of grey.


What is in this resource:

  • Recorded 1 hour presentation with Sharon Givoni
  • Poster summary of the recording that can be printed A3 or as 2 x A4 pages for students to refer to.

Target audience: Yr 10-12 VCD students

Timing: Prior to embarking on a folio of work, Head Start, prior to beginning a design brief.

Read more about Sharon Givoni here

This resource is now available as a download.

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