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Chromatic Typography : A Practical Approach



Middle School students will be taken on a type journey - exploring typography and creating a chromatic linocut print.

Visual Communication Design Resource.  Target Year levels: Middle School Year levels

  • Included in the Resource:
  • Wood Type is Good type (Video)
  • Creating Chromatic Typography using Linocut Techniques (Video) 
  • Chromatic Typography : A Practical approach (Exercises and Brief) 

cedric font samples
How to use this Resource:

  • View the video Wood Type is Good Type.
    Wayne Thompson is the director of the Australian Type Foundry - a business that creates digital typefaces and does all things to do with typography. Thompson discusses how he created a chromatic wood type font - how it was letterpress printed and then digitised and turned in to a keyboard typeable font.  The font, Cedric, is shown here.

Complete the exercises in the resource.

  • Glossary of terms - Wood Type is Good Type
  • Research Chromatic Type
  • View the video Creating Chromatic Typography using Linocut Techniques.
    Thompson demonstrates how to create a two colour lino print using two pieces of lino and a registration technique.
  • Brief
  • Some font facts
  • How to design a serif font
  • Creating drop shadow type
  • Taking it Further - extension exercises

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