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Mini Me - Designing and creating a personal avatar



Mini-Me is a unit of work developed to use with year 7 and 8 Visual Communication Design classes.

There is a filmed interview with Andrea Innocent, a contemporary illustrator, and a series of lessons that cover all stages of the design process.

The students can complete some short answers to questions while watching the interview, and then proceed to develop a design response to a given brief.

mini meMini-Me is a resource that includes a series of practical tasks that can be printed A4 or A3. It includes a filmed interview with the Melbourne based illustrator, Andrea Innocent. Andrea works through the brief, demonstrating how to tackle each stage of the design process.

For Year level - Yr 7 & 8  Visual Communication Design classes, this resource aims to inspire students to develop an original response to a brief; inform students of the role of the contemporary illustrator as a career path; to provide written and illustrated content about the design process that an illustrator follows; to inform students of the design process that is used to develop visual communications and to develop skills in freehand drawing and digital drawing using Adobe Illustrator.

For examples of Andrea Innocents’s work please visit:

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