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Advancing with Illustrator Workshop Resource

illustrator logoThis VCV workshop is supplied as a downloadable film and work tasks, to watch and share with your students.

Advancing with Illustrator is a filmed resource that is suitable for teachers who are looking to expand their Adobe Illustrator skills and for students who have basic skills with Illustrator.
(This resource was supplied as a gift to the 2020 VCV members, and is now available for all others to purchase.)

This resource builds on the skills covered in the Beginning with Illustrator resource, but can also be used by those with basic Illustrator skills.

The skills covered in the filmed workshops are applicable for the following year levels and Outcomes:

  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Unit 1 Outcome 1
  • Unit 2 Outcome 1
  • The pattern repeat tool is applicable in Unit 1 Outcome 2
  • The SAT Folio depending on the skill level and experience of the student or teacher

Section 1

  1. Creating an isometric cube
  2. Creating an isometric ellipse
  3. Creating an isometric cylinder

Illustrator iso stool

Section 2

  1. Creating a pattern

Section 3

  1. Stool task

illustrator 2


  1. Isometric sheet
  2. Rendering sheet
  3. Practice exercise sheet
  4. Resources for file types and printing

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