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VisCon 2018 at the NGV

VisCon 2018Date: Friday December 7th (Bookings close Fri 23rd Nov)

Place: NGV International, Clemenger Room & Great Hall

Read more about the program and speakers below.

VCV is holding the annual conference, VisCon 2018, at the NGV where VCD teachers will be inspired and educated by a range of design experts.

As a break from the traditional University conference setting, VCV is delighted to be welcomed by the NGV to offer VCD teachers with a change of venue - one that is familiar with presenting and exploring the most interesting trajectories of design and architecture.

Within the NGV setting, VCV will provide VCD teachers with a range of inspirational speakers with the aim of  transforming the way we teach.


viscon2018Why the NGV?

Ingrid Wood, Educator at the National Gallery :

Architecture and Design at the NGV

The oldest and most visited gallery in Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) offers visitors a unique opportunity to look at the world and its past, present and future through the eyes of some of the most creative artists and designers working today.

In 2015 the NGV established a new Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture highlighting the NGV’s belief that different fields of design increasingly touch nearly every aspect of our lives:  how we work, live, learn, spend and connect; the ways we behave and how we experience the world.

The role that the NGV Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture embraces – of collecting, discussing and advocating for design – has rapidly built NGV credentials as a national ‘home for design’; a place to encounter the most interesting trajectories of design and architecture today.

The NGV’s design initiatives focus on the purpose, process and outputs of design and architecture presenting immersive, inspirational experiences and live programs, offering a place where design professionals, students, educators and enthusiasts can come together to think about design.

In December 2018 the National Gallery of Victoria looks forward to welcoming Visual Communication Victoria for their annual conference VisCon 2018 in conjunction with the exciting summer exhibition Between Two Worlds: Escher X Nendo.

 Image: The Great Hall, National Gallery of Victoria. Image courtesy of the National Gallery of Victoria

VCV Member $279
VCV Country Member $249
Non-Member (Metro & Country) $379
Student teacher $105


{slider title="9-10am: Keynote. Ilya Fridman. Contemporary communication technologies and Design Education" class="blue solid color_content" open="false"}

Ilya is a designer, maker, thinker and educator living in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently the coordinator of Design Thinking at Monash University. In this role, he works with students across Art, Design and Architecture; as we all students from non-Design faculties including Business, Information Technology and Science. As an educator, he is interested in how new technologies may be applied to enhance learning for self-reflective, iterative and innovative design practitioners.

Ilya Fridman will consider how contemporary communication technologies may be applied to assist teaching and learning in Design Education. Mediums such as videos, blogs, podcasts and online forums have a powerful potential to improve convenience, access and experience for many students. They may, simultaneously, carry negative side effects such as isolating young designers in what is, at its core, a collaborative field of practice. These communication methods will be discussed through examples from university research and teaching practice.

{slider title="10.00-10.30: Morning tea - Great Hall" class="grey solid color_content"}

{slider title="10.30-10.50: Ric Roberts. Making (visual) thinking visible" class="green solid color_content"}

Ric is Arts Learning Leader St Aloysius College North Melbourne, and is Vice President of VCV. He lives in Fitzroy, teaches Visual Communication Design, Media and Art, and enjoys reading and developing teaching resources for visual arts, and participates actively in art making. Find his work at instagram@helveticamediuma.

Ric has been teaching students in visual arts, engaging students in the visual literacy of art, media and visual communication design for over 30 years. In this session, Ric will discuss how he uses thinking routines derived from a familiar education text ‘Making Thinking Visible’ 2011 by R Ritchhat, M Church and K Morrison in visual communication design. How do we shift from teaching difficult knowledge such as type and imagery, to understanding how students learn these concepts? Let’s meet them where they are, let’s see how they can demonstrate their thinking, their understanding as they build their learning. The more we look into ways of making thinking visible in our classrooms, the more we realise our subject, with its creative, critical and reflective thinking is a flagship for visible thinking in our schools.

{slider title="10.50-11.10: Eric Peng. VCD and Branding" class="orange solid color_content"}

Eric is currently Managing Director of EP Group, a mutlidiscplinary media and marketing firm that works with major brands like Sony, FILA Australia, Rockpool Dining Group. He is also the Student Brand Manager for Red Bull Australia, in charge of branding, strategy and field marketing execution to promote consumption with university students. Experienced in understanding visual communication design impacts on consumer decisions and business requirements.

This presentation is about how to design meaningful programs for students that have purpose and builds transferable skills. It includes an explanation of real life branding consideration in big brands, and how we can translate this into the classroom.

{slider title="11.10-11.30: James Taylor. Right in the middle - curriculum development years 7 to 10" class="red solid color_content"}

James is known for developing innovative approaches to middle and senior VCD classes. He has also been a long-time contributor to VCV conferences and seminars. James has taught in a range of both government and independent schools over the past 20 years. He is currently teaching at Box Hill High School.

If you asked James what his favourite class is, he would say Year 8 VCD. Just don't tell his Year 12's. For James, the middle years provide the perfect blend of enthusiasm, skill development, and the opportunity to take some risks without the pressure of VCE. Yet getting the balance right is not always easy. James will present his approach to curriculum development, including using the Victorian Curriculum, assessment rubrics, and scope and sequencing from VCE down.

{slider title="11.30-12.00: Alice Oehr. Making by Hand" class="blue solid color_content"}

Alice’s distinct colourful style incorporates her love of food, pattern, collage and drawing. Many of her ideas have made their way onto textiles, homewares, magazines, books, and even once as a series of 6ft tall Ancient Egyptian statues for a marquee at the Spring Racing Carnival. Alice’s work has been sought-after commercially by clients local and international.

Selected Clients include the National Gallery of Victoria – Hardie Grant Publishing – Pan Macmillan – Melbourne Food & Wine  – The Design Files – Vice Media – Broadsheet – Lavazza Australia – Go-To Skincare – Baker D. Chirico – Eastland –  Capi – Lunch Lady magazine – – Frankie Magazine – The Land of Nod

{slider title="12.00-1.00: Lunch - Great Hall" class="grey solid color_content"}

{slider title="1.00-2.30: Natasha Borg and David Morrison. Generating Ideas – A Practical Task" class="green solid color_content"}

{slider title="2.30-3.00: Kathy Hendy-Ekers. VCE Visual Communication Design: an update" class="orange solid color_content"}

Kathy is the curriculum manager for Visual Arts and Media for the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority. She is responsible for the development of curriculum and resources for F - 12 for Visual Arts, Design and Media for Victoria. Kathy has teaching experience in both national and international teaching in Visual Arts and Design. In her role Kathy works with a wide range of teachers from all settings to develop curriculum and assessment for schools. She is currently in her last year of a PhD in the links between curriculum and secondary school teacher relationships with art museums.

Kathy will outline some of the key points of implementation in the first year of the revised VCE study design for Visual Communication Design.

{slider title="3.00-3.45: Ingrid Wood. Between Two Worlds: Escher X Nendo exhibition" class="red solid color_content"}

NGV Educator Ingrid Wood will present a session on Escher and Nendo with a focus on teaching VCD.

{slider title="3.45-5.00: View the Escher exhibition" class="grey solid color_content"}

Find out more about the exhibition at