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Workshop Resources - Freehand Drawing

2021 Visualisation and rendering resource


Industrial designer and university lecturer, Oliver Neuland, has collaborated wth VCV to produce a series of Design Visualisation videos to demonstrate to VCD teachers and students how to use freehand sketching and rendering as a visualisation tool in the design process. The film series has a focus on ideation sketching, communication of a
three-dimensional form and rendering of material finishes and textures.

Oliver Neuland is an Industrial designer and he uses terminology that relates to his practice. Read more about the work and processes of Oliver Neuland here.

Targetting middle to senior school students, this resource can be used at any stage of the VCD curriculum where students are required to design, create visualisation drawings or render final presentations.

dryer glass renderNew Coffepot take1The series of short films will introduce students and teachers to freehand drawing and rendering techniques using both traditional mediums such as ballpoint pens, fineliners and polychromo pastels/coloured pencils, as well as marker rendering.

In this Rendering Resource you will receive:

  • 23 short films - demonstrations and materials to use.
    These include demonstrations that cover the basic components of a drawing, exercises for developing skills with lines, shadows and rendering, and rendering detailed products. All of the final rendered products come with a template for students to use, and a final rendered example for guidance.
  • About Markers - history, uses, types, suppliers and inspirational blogs and tutorials
  • Line templates for students to render - the templates relate to the demonstrations, and there are 20 bonus templates for students to use.
  • Finished rendered samples to use for reference.

This resource is now available as a download.

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